Smart Sleeping 3.0
Safety and Health

No requirements of wearing,
no electromagnetic interference

Core Technology

Non-invasive fiber optic physiological monitoring technology(nFOPT)

No any wearing during seeping and able to monitor physical human body events including breathing, cardiac rate, blood pressure, sleeping records under environment of no electromagnetic waves. By applying innovative “Non-invasive fiber optic physiological monitoring technology” (nFOPT) to use luminous decay produced by the shaping and vibrating of optical fibers to transfer into electronic signal for calculation of changing, therefore applying smart management into mattresses, to monitor sleeping accurately and making you safe and comfortable.

Total Reflection and No Electromagnetic Waves

Optical fiber features: High Temperature Resistant, No Electromagnetic Interference, No producing of Sparks and Statics


Sleep Quality Monitoring

Monitor the whole sleeping process, including waking up (leaving from) the bed and tossing and turning, cyclical statistics analysis of light and deep sleep patterns and monitoring, your own sleeping keepers.

  • Daily records (table)

  • Daily records (figure)

  • Weekly records (table)

  • Weekly records (figure)

  • Monthly records (table)

  • Monthly records (figure)


Supplementary Features for Snoring Relieve

Special APP for detecting snoring, and the automatic vibration and lifting to adjust the altitude of beds to relieve the breathing when the snoring sound volume is over 65 dB. Solving personal and spouses’ problem.


Alarm Vibration Feature

Special APP for setting alarm clocks, by applying Progressive vibration on electrical beds to awake instead of traditional stimulating alarm, be able to reduce pathological changes on brains and muscles caused by hearing impairment due to stimulating.


Additional Lighting for being Absent from Beds at Night

A light turned on at nights for you. Switched on automatically at the same time of leaving the bed and switched off when returning to lower the risk of falling and achieve the quality sleeping environment of no light pollution.


Schumann Resonance Deep Sleep Guiding System

Combine the Schumann resonance with Earth magnetic field through synchronous resonance of frequencies, guide the adjustment of brain waves to help reaching to deeper sleep and achieve effects of natural recovery.

※Exclusive Feature

Smart Appliances

New trend of IoT, smart appliances controlling, sleeping time with special linking appliances; give you super 6 senses of new sleeping experience.

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Importance of Long-Term Care
in the Trend of Aging Society

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